Personal finance for UK teenagers.

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Money Matters

24% of young Brits are in constant debt;  we provide an affordable solution.

We don't swamp teenagers with excessive detail. Instead, we focus on developing students' understanding, confidence and skills by breaking down seemingly complex topics into essential definitions and real-world applications.

Understanding the Economy: We cover the core economic principles that all young people need to understand.

Managing Money: We show teens how they can save, budget and use technology to help keep a closer eye on their money.

Learning to Invest: We introduce teenagers to low-risk investment strategies to help them grow their spare cash over the long term.


"24% of 18 to 30 year-olds live in constant debt. That's not a statistic we can ignore. This course is a step towards tackling the problem."

Heidi Hoskin, CEO of Adventure Learning Academy Trust

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The Scale of the Problem


"The Share Centre shows that while 98 per cent of investors felt they left school with insufficient financial knowledge, more than 80 per cent believe our cashless society [has] impacted the way children understand money."

- The Independent

"Education about money has stalled, with many secondary schools side-stepping changes introduced to the national curriculum in 2014."

The Guardian

"The charity's survey of...4,000 18 to 30-year-olds suggests almost a 1/4 are in debt all the time and almost half have to borrow to make their cash last to the end of the month."

- The BBC

personal finance teenagers

If you can watch a video, you can complete the course. It's  that simple.

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Meet the Team

Personal finance teenagers

Bethany Staff,  Co-Founder

I studied economics and Spanish at the University of Leeds before joining the Civil Service fast stream, where I'm now a management accountant. I've been building the community here at Nebula in my spare time, and produced most of the course content for 'Money Matters'.

Personal finance teenagers

Prema Doraisamy,  Co-Founder

I'm heading to university this year to study sociology. I also have a background in art & design, which I've leveraged to ensure that our course comes with a fantastic user experience. 


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