Affiliate Programme:



We're inviting all bloggers and influencers, who are passionate about improving outcomes for young people today and have an audience made up of either teenagers or parents, to join our affiliate programme. Once we onboard an affiliate, we issue them a unique URL that tracks traffic they bring to our site and awards them commission for each successful conversion. 

Affiliates are responsible for marketing our courses as much or as little as they please; we are not looking to endlessly "plug" content on other people's platforms. This is why the only thing we really look in would-be affiliates is a genuine desire to help teenagers build bright futures. 

Our commission rates range between 30% and 50%. If this programme interests you, drop us an email at


School Partnerships:



We're also actively partnering with schools around the country to deliver our course at discounted prices to students and improve individual attainment. 

Please direct all partnership enquiries to