Why we're focusing on personal finance for teenagers (for now).


We started Nebula with the aim of tackling two big problems that impact teenagers. 

The first was an increasingly poor level of financial literacy among teenagers, which we felt contributes to the soaring levels of debt among young people. 

The second issue was the fact that many students leave school without a proper understanding of what their strengths are and what career options are available to them.

We wanted to build a scalable solution to these problems and knew that developing an e-learning course was the best option.

If you’ve read previous posts on this blog, you’ll know that we released a beta version of our course in January. Feedback from the course has been really constructive and teenagers are enjoying our programme’s content. No issue there then.

So why have we changed things? 

Given that our original course was going to tackle both of the problems we outlined above, it was pretty hard to nail down a precise description of what the course was all about.

This was abundantly clear when I went to a leading education charity and academy trust to pitch our business. One of the main bits of feedback that we got was that our course description sounded “woolly”, even though we had a clear mission.

Following that experience, we knew something needed to change. After a night of brainstorming ideas, we decided to split our course into two separate courses: 

The first course will focus exclusively on money, basic economics and personal finance.

The second helps students identify and leverage their unique strengths in order to launch successful careers.

What’s next then?

We have pretty much all the content we need for our first course (the personal finance one), and we’re now adding some finishing touches to the course before opening it up for a pre-sale that will go live very soon. 

The second course will go live later this year, once we’ve fully released the first one. Also, everyone who purchases the first course will get a discount on the second course and vice-versa. 

Meanwhile, we’re still reaching out to influencers and bloggers to become affiliates of our course, so we’re very much firing on all cylinders. In reality, not much has changed - we’ve just decided to break up the course because it makes it easier to get our message across.

Why are we doing a pre-sale?

When releasing any product, it’s important to get as near to perfect as possible. However, as we all know, perfection is virtually impossible to achieve. By pre-selling the course, we give our early customers the chance to help push the envelope and get us ever closer to perfection.

Our pre-sale customers might spot things that we have overlooked ourselves and could prefer some design features over others. There might even be topics that we’ve touched on that they would like to know more about.

The pre-sale is about facilitating conversation between us at Nebula and our target market. Our early adopters will also be rewarded handsomely for their help: the first course will retail at £79 when it’s fully launched but pre-sale customers can get it for just £20.

That’s less than one hour of private tutoring. 

Our referral programme

We’re also empowering our customers by giving them access to a referral programme. 

As you know, we’re partnering with suitable influencers and bloggers to help expand our reach. But we can’t reward third parties without also rewarding the people at the heart of our business - our customers - now can we?

So, when you purchase our course, you’ll be given an exclusive affiliate link that you can share with others. If they use the link to purchase our course, you’ll receive a flat 25% commission

A referral from a customer is worth as much as a referral from an influencer, so we think this is only fair.


As per usual, drop me an email at satya@nebulawebinars.com with any questions/suggestions. 


Satya Doraisamy