The programme: 5 webinars and loads more.




Defining Success

In 2017, students need to remain flexible because of how fast the world is moving. This class gives students an effective framework for identifying and improving their own individual strengths, ways of performing and personal values so that they can make successful future decisions.


Succeeding in School

Students need to leave school with a strong foundation for their future. We teach students strategies for effective goal-setting, breaking down complex topics and managing their time effectively. We show students how to nurture their learning style when revising to optimise exam performance. 


Understanding Economics

Economics determines young people's futures, yet it is missing from the national curriculum. Students today will not remember the 2007-08 crisis and often feel that economics is overly complicated. It can be, but we break down the core ideas in a way that is easy to understand.


Financial Independence

A low level of financial literacy and soaring personal debt is a huge problem for young people. We counter this by showing them how to save and grow their wealth in a simple, low-risk way. We demystify both the stock and property markets to show how young people benefit from compounding.


Seizing Your Future

The employment landscape is radically changing. We build upon the previous webinars to discuss the various options that students have after school. We particularly look at how technology is revolutionising business and the opportunities this creates for tomorrow's entrepreneurs.



Students also receive an eBook that is packed full of additional resources. We are also planning a host of community features so members can interact with each other, inspiring entrepreneurs and professionals, and submit questions to our weekly Q&A blog.