Personal finance for teenagers.



24% of young people are in constant debt - our online course provides a  low-cost solution.


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Course Content:

💸1. Understanding the Economy: We cover the core economics principles that all young people need to understand.

💸2. Managing Money: We show teens how they can save, budget and use technology to help keep a closer eye on their money.

💸3. Learning to Invest: We introduce teenagers to low-risk investment strategies to help them grow their spare cash over the long term.


"24% of 18 to 30 year-olds live in constant debt. That's not a statistic we can ignore. This course is a step towards tackling the problem."

- Heidi Hoskin, CEO of Adventure Learning Academy Trust


What are the top 5 apps for managing spare cash?

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Hi, I'm Beth


Founder @ Nebula


I'm an economics and Spanish graduate from the University of Leeds. I started Nebula because we are failing teenagers by not teaching them personal finance. 

Over the years I have taught abroad, managed a restaurant and founded a charitable initiative. I currently work on the Civil Service grad scheme, where I'm also completing my chartered accountancy exams. 

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